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Welcome to the official site of Federation Okinawa Karate - Shorin ryu Shorinkan South Asia (FOKSSA)

FOKSSA was founded by Kyoshi Gamini Soysa in Sri Lanka. His teachings are based on the ancient Okinawa martial arts which is different from modern day karate. If you feel stagnant and would like to be part of our organization that's built on honor, respect and loyalty we have the experience to bring you and your school to the next level . We are building an organization for the future generations to come.


Our mission is to promote Shorin ryu Karate by providing resources to students of all ages in South Asia. So that they may achieve their goals and ambitions through the teaching of Gamini Soysa Sensei, as we foster the true art founded by the late Grand Master Chosin Chibana

Gamini Soysa opened his first Shorin ryu Shorinkan dojo in 1976 after being authorized by Hanshi Shugoro Nakazato,10th dan Grand Master of Okinawa Karate do Shorin ryu Shorinkan Association who directed to one of his top student Renshi Keishun Kakinohana, 5th dan to visit Sri Lanka and teach SriLankan students for the period of two month. On invitation of Keishun Kakinohana, Sensei Gamini Soysa made his first visit to Okinawa on March 22, 1987 and trained further at Hombu dojo.

Staying in Japan a period of time he studied Renbukai karate do personally under Kyoshi Akira Onodera, Director of All Japan Federation Renbukai, and holds position as Board Member.

Sensei Gamini Soysa is widely recognised as a pioneer of introducing Okinawa Shorin ryu Karate in Sri Lanka (1976), India(1982) and other South Asian Countries. He has written numerous Magazine articles on Health & Okinawan Martial Arts, and is also the writer of International Sport Magazine published by lakehouse, Sri Lanka, and Karate India Times, Kerala, India, currently living in his native Sri Lanka. He teaches Okinawan Karate/Kobudo, Japan karate do Renbukai and Shiatsu healing.

Gamini soysa is the President and Founder(Soke) of Federation Okinawa Karate Shorin ryu Shorinkan South Asia(FOKSSA) serving as an Instructor since 1978.

About the Instructor

Name :


Gamini Soysa
Age : 63
Country : Sri Lanka
Started Martial Art : 1969
Present Rank : 8th dan (Shorin ryu) / 7th dan (Renbukai)
Title : Kyoshi
Experience : 46 years training & 43 years teaching experience
Honorary Awards : First Sri Lankan to train in motherland of karate Okinawa
  First to pioneer to teach Okinawan karate in South Asia
  Authorized Instructor, OKSSA, Okinawa, Japan
  Authorized Instructor, WOKSSA, Ca. USA
  Authorized Instructor, AJKFR, Tokyo, Japan
  Certified Instructor, SKC, Las Vegas, Ca. USA

Hall of Fame - 2013 by world registry of Black Belts Martial Arts orgs., Federations & Fedarations, Ca. USA.


Okinawa Karate Shorin Ryu Shorinkan South Asia (FOKSSA). 56/B2 Pirivena Road, Boralasgamuwa, Sri Lanka.
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