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Karate developed in the islands of Okinawa as a weaponless method of self defense.

Karate as we know it today , originated on the ryukyu archipelago, more commonly known as the island of Okinawa (birth place of karate) On Okinawa , Choshin Chibana energetically taught Itosu's karate and is said to have offcially called the style shorin ryu in about 1935, adopting  the chinese characters that literally mean ' small wood'. These characters may also be pronounced kobayashi, so to differentiate this shorin ryu from shorin ryu(shaolin) the word kobayashi has been included in parenthesis.

In Feb 1969 at the age of 84 Chibana Sensei passed  away after a short illness, leaving behind him a life completely devoted to karate and the alomost impossible  feat of having trained five of his disciples Shugoro Nakazato, Chozo Nakama, Katsuya Miyahara, Kensei
Kinjo and Yucho ku higa When Master Chibana passed away Shugoro Nakazato inherited the leadership of Okinawa karatedo Shorin ryu Shorinkan  thus becoming a 10th dan

Kyoshi honored as 1st South Asian to publish a book on "OKINAWAN MARTIAL ARTS(Sui-dee)"

Kyoshi Gamini Soysa Seminar at
Mumbai Shorinryu Shorinkan Prabakkar Arkyan Dojo ( 2016)


* A root art from the birth place designed with Quick-Defense, Health method exercises and Ancient Martial Arts(kobudo).

Also, program include Tai-chi, Accupressures potent points and Japanese Shihatsu(How to harmonize ying-yang for better health) By Gamini Soysa, 8th dan

Special Classes For Foreigners

2~day special program morning and evening....
Personal training ,hotel visiting and training at our Dojo

56 B 2, Pirivena Road, Boralasgamuwa, SriLanka
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(serving since 1971)

5th South Asia Okinawa Karatdo Camp / Seminar
August 25,25 2014 Chennai, India.
Organised by Renshi D. Robert, Renshi S. Sivabalam


* FOKSSA   4th Annual Program(Kata,Kumite,kobudo Champ.)
Open Ryu ha. Venue: Galle Town Hall/ Miracle Stadium
Sri Lanka . Dates: Feb 2/3, 2013
Paricipants from Mysore, Madras, Banglore, AP., India, Maldive and Srilanka

* International Karate/Kobudo Camp,Seminar/Champ.
Venue: Aradhana Aacademy, Banglore, India
Dates: Jan 26, 2013.
Special Guest of honors Hanshi Giyu Gibo and teams
Kyoshi Gamini Soysa from SriLanka

* Fantastic! Adventure Camp
Hantane, Sri Lanka
Date: March 23, and 24, 2013.


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